NearMap Review

Nearmap is one of the leading companies for aerial imagery and gis technology services, covering data from large urban areas across the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Nearmap combines its own patented camera systems that are mounted on planes and the photos are taken directly from them, high-quality survey operations, and an automated photogrammetry pipeline that has the capabilities to provide very high-resolution location data within days of the capture.

When you purchase the services of the company you get 5 different types of location data gis systems that fill every possible need you can have for your business when it comes to data satellite imagery.

Nearmap was founded in Perth, Australia, by Stuart Nixon in 2008. Since then the company has been growing steadily thanks to the high–quality aerial data service it provides.

At the time of writing this article, Nearmap serves over 8 thousand business owners and organizations across the globe.

In 2017, Nearmap even received the Esri Partner Conference Award.

Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons for your business when working with the tech company:


·     One of the greatest aerial imagery services in the market

·     Smart and tech-savvy customer service that will resolve any problem you could face in your business

·     Remotely inspect locations for better-informed planning and monitoring

·     Receiving the desired data within days of the request

·     The information is uploaded to a cloud system


·     The service can be pricey for a small business

·     The service can be used only in 4 countries

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Subscribers use Nearmap to remotely inspect locations for better-informed data planning and location data monitoring, evaluating properties and infrastructural assets, and understand the historical context at their demand locations.

Nearmap’s services have the power to transform business operations, dramatically cut costs, reduce risk, and swiftly boost your organization or enterprise.

As we mentioned above the subscription for the service can be pricey so you should carefully analyze your situation before planning this kind of investment.

If you still want to use some kind of data satellite imagery for your business there is a much cheaper method that requires a bit of time and effortballoon mapping.

Features and Benefits

Nearmap provides 4 5 several types of nearmap services that have great ratings across the web: Vertical, Panorama, Measurable Obliques, and 3D.

1. Nearmap Vertical


Nermap Vertical gives businesses and governments the capabilities of instant access to up-to-date high – quality location data of different areas in the United States. The photo maps provided by this service are more detailed than the free satellite maps so you can inspect locations completely remotely with great accuracy and monitor different projects over time. The high-quality captures enable you to accurately measure area, length, and radius. With all these features combined, you will always be kept up to date with the latest details of the projects, developments, or changes when it comes to a project you are interested in. The data is updated 6 times every year.

2. Nearmap Oblique


Nearmap Oblique is built to help you get a multi-perspective view of your project and property. By using advanced measurement tools, Obliques enables you to measure building heights and widths, roof pitch and area, and other ground features to help you keep your data up-to-date and have a clearer vision of the property. With this service, you can view the project from every possible angle so you get a real-world reality perspective of the place. Nothing goes overlooked with Nearmap Oblique. You can also measure even the most complicated roofs directly on the platform from the comfort of your office without the need to send workers who need to make the required measurements manually.

3. Nearmap 3D


Sometimes to understand a structure better you need to see it in the third dimension and understand better what’s the data in reality and the possible progress of the building. Nearmap had taken care of this by providing the feature Nearmap 3D. It offers frequently-updated and actual 3D data. This way you can see and comprehend better all the buildings and you can even select a whole area that can be imported on a file in 3D format. The platform will start making the file and you can download it when it’s complete. The time varies depending on the size of the area you had selected.  Nearmap 3D is available in different formats to suit your needs best:

–     3D Textured Mesh

–     Digital Surface Model (DSM)

–     Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

–     True Ortho

–     Point Cloud

4. Nearmap AI


Nearmap AI is an aerial image recognition software that enhances your decision-making by offering actionable insights. The content is always up-to-date and it’s ready at your fingertips. The software is paired with both Vertical and Oblique imagery and can improve your decisions and save you a few hr. A list of AI packs serves the different needs your business may have. The content is refreshed every year so you can be confident that your information is always actual. Nearmap AI comes with AI Parcel Export credits, which gives you the freedom to choose which AI parcel to export, and when. Designed with convenience in mind, you can export up to a million AI parcels at a time in just a few clicks from your fingertips. The other great pack is the AI layers where you can select a parcel and identify the latest construction activities for example or any minor details. With the AI service, you will automate the gathering of insights which will save you a few hr every day.

5. Nearmap on Opensolar

on open solar

Offering a fully supported, end-to-end solar design solution, you’ll have access to the best images and tools so you can create an amazing proposal for your potential customers. Basically, it’s a solar sales toolkit with insight others people can hardly get. You’ll find it a breeze to communicate the value of a properly designed solar system with premium imagery, giving you confidence in the accuracy of your proposal. You can reduce site visits and better connect your customer to the value that solar offers. Bottom line, winning customer contracts is 4 5 times easier with Nearmap on Opensolar and it gives you valuable experience.

Nearmap Reviews

We searched thoroughly the web so that we can find reviews and ratings from people about Nearmap. Most of them seemed quite positive. We will share some images of the testimonials before so you can see them on your own.

Nearmap Alternatives

1. Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub is an engine for processing satellite data. It makes Sentinel, Landsat, and other Earth observation imagery easily accessible for browsing, visualization, and analysis. Scale your system globally with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, without any hassle. This software offers global coverage and it is much more affordable than Nearmap. However, the quality of the service is not on par with Nearmap.

2. Land Viewer

Land Viewer is a cloud service that provides access to satellite data and fast-paced analytics. The users of this platform will enjoy the global coverage, short revisiting rounds, and can demand resolution up to 40cm. The platform of the site can be pretty complicated for most users which in our opinion is a big con. However, there are many great features that can prove to be useful to you so we recommend to check it.

3.  Google Maps

When we talk about aerial imagery and maps there is no way we can forget about Google Maps. The service provides global coverage, the resolution and quality are high. And of course, the platform is free which one of the best features of the service.


Nowadays, the business industry is getting more competitive every day. Especially in the location intelligence business sector. This is why it’s crucial to gain even the slightest edge you can get your hands to.  

By using a top-notch aerial imagery service like Nearmap you have insight others can’t see, as you can analyze every part of your properties and respectively business from every angle. Basically, you have all the world data at the top of your fingertips. The data is stored in cloud software which provides an easy and practical experience with the service.

Great aerial imagery has the power to transform your business operations, cut costs, and save you a ton of time while optimizing your processes.

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