NearMap Review

Nearmap is one of the leading companies for aerial imagery and gis technology services, covering data from large urban areas across the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Nearmap combines its own patented camera systems that are mounted on planes and the photos are taken directly from them, high-quality survey operations, and an automated …

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OpenSolar Reviews

The use of the word “Open” as a prefix to the name of a software product creates a vision of a user-developer built product that has a passionate community of supporters and collaborators dedicating their time and effort to build a solution that is robust and inclusive. The various versions and forks would lead to …

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Reonomy: Product & Company Reonomy is a software platform that provides its users the ability to search, filter and categorize 52 million commercial real estate (CRE) records across the United States to derive property intelligence. This encompasses; property owners’ contact information; data pertaining to size, location and usage of the property; and financial & transactional …

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Solar Panel App

Monitoring solar equipment is easy thanks to some clever solar panel apps. Available for Android or iPhone, these applications let you adjust energy production, angle, and more. We took the time to review each of the best solar apps so you’ll have an easier experience managing your solar power system. How can I monitor my …

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