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Siliken Acquires Bornevia to Strengthen their Marketshare in the Solar Installation Software Industry through Cutting-Edge SaaS Products

The joint venture is ready to set the benchmark for SaaS solution reviews for solar installation businesses

December 07, 2021 – The leading solar installation software information company Siliken acquired, an expert in SaaS (Software as a Service) products, to provide optimized SaaS solutions for solar installation businesses. The new change will enhance Siliken’s PV software review offerings.

Siliken’s data on enterprise solar SaaS solutions will be enhanced with Bornevia to “deliver the best, most up-to-date and reliable information on software solutions for renewable energy businesses.” Through their state-of-the-art PV software reviews, Siliken offers solar installers and developers the opportunity to meet high levels of accuracy and performance expectations of clients, the ability to alleviate bottlenecks, create 3D models, generate leads, and prepare contracts conveniently. The aforementioned capabilities are facilitated through high-end features developed leveraging satellite images, GIS details, shading analysis, and energy production modeling. Over the years, the industry’s transformation has made enterprise solar SaaS solutions essential to achieve the sales targets and improve the operational efficiency of any solar business. Siliken’s new partnership with Bornevia will exponentially enhance its products, creating a new standard for PV software comparisons between products like Open Solar, Helioscope, PVsyst, Solargraf, Solar Nexus and more.

The advantages of the SaaS products that will be developed through the Siliken Bornevia collaboration are immense. The latest versions of the PV software reviewed will contain improved lead generation features that enable businesses to reach a high number of potential clients. It will also assist solar companies in designing and customizing eye-catching sales proposals, generating client contracts swiftly with minimum effort, and managing customer relationships through versatile CRM modules. Moreover, it will support handling the entire operational workflow consisting of installation, maintenance, and solar panels monitoring. Most importantly, the SaaS solutions for solar installation businesses will help companies identify the most appropriate solar system design software based on their requirements and budget. Siliken invites the solar firms to contact them to discover automated software solutions that could boost their profitability, customer satisfaction, and efficiency, which could ultimately help them in beating the competition.

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