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Are you looking for solar PV simulation software that can help with construction of solar panel layouts? We checked out all of the best design software and gathered the important information, to make your search much easier. These are all great alternative solar PV options for the grid connected Homer Energy, Folsom Labs, and Laplace Systems.

If you want to learn more about these user friendly SAM products, be sure to keep reading. Designing solar panel systems can be difficult, but using a solar industry app can remove a lot of that work. These are all of the solar PV systems we thought were the best.

But first, how familiar are you with solar PV software?

What is Solar Software?

Before we get started, you will want to be familiar with what solar software is. Solar design software is meant to help residential and commercial solar construction plans. They make it easier to design plans for layouts of PV sol panels. SAM shows where the solar panels would fit on the roof or any other locations where solar power is needed.

These solar PV design systems even can help determine the price of installation and show how much you could expect from energy production in a convenient sales proposal.

There are many benefits when it comes to using a solar PV system. You are going to reduce your waste, since you know the exact measurements of the property you are installing on. This is a great look for any company that is working with renewable energy. The best solar PV system will also make proposals and sales management easier on you and your team, maybe handling rebate authorities too.

This is because you can better showcase to your prospective clients how your solar panel designs are going to work, through your solar PV software. With more people working from home, you can send them all of the PV details they need through the internet. This is a great benefit with SAM technology.

The final benefit is one of the most important ones from the perspective of your customer- they want to know how renewable energy can save them money. The best PV applications should be able to estimate expenses on their part and generate helpful reports for them, helping to make their decisions. In short, SAM technology makes that easier on you.

A lot of solar PV softwares are backed by a national renewable energy laboratory, so you know that they will make quality solar designs in their system advisor model. They are convenient and easy to use too.

Many of these SAM apps are cloud based, so you can access your software platform whenever you needed to. Overall, these PV sol systems are essential to getting efficient solar energy on many buildings. We found all of the best options when it comes to design software news, so let us get started.


Helioscope is a PV simulation software database that is designed to be easy to use and give you a clear report on your solar system design plans. One of the more useful features are the shade reports that the software offers. They can be done fast and give you a lot of useful, detailed information on where you can place your solar energy panels- so they get the most sunlight.

The shade reports are also very detailed. They offer info on the wiring systems, reflections, the AC system, and much more that is vital to building the best solar energy system for your client. Overall, this is extremely helpful for solar PV design and an important tool in your solar database.

Many users also appreciated that you can see the data through the internet, anywhere. That way, you can use it on any computer or device that you have, even while you are on the move. This is very handy for many people when it comes to system design software.

The company behind this solar PV simulation software is constantly updating it and making it better. The new features are usually useful and make Helioscope simpler to use. This PV software is perfect if you want to make your job easier and get a lot of engineering design information from your app.

Other photovoltaic system software brands do not offer free updates. Many just give you what you pay for initially, but Helioscope is always giving you more. If you need to make quick, efficient proposals for your system design, then this would be your best choice.

The only downside to this PV system software, is that they operate on a rights reserved monthly subscription plan. Many users would appreciate the option to have a one time payment instead, However, since the system design app is always improving and adding new features, we think that it would still be very worth your time to check out. They are always looking for efficient energy storage and follow the code set by the department of energy.


Aurora is a renewable energy software that uses advanced technology to quickly generate accurate models of a PV system on any building in just a matter of minutes. The models are 3D CAD and make it easier to show a proposal to a client, since they can get a better visual understanding of your PV design plans.

Aurora can tell you exactly how many solar panels can fit on a building and give you the numbers of how much renewable energy they will produce. The PV simulation can even let your client know how much money they will save by switching to solar power- which can be a huge selling point for you when it comes to your proposal.

Aurora’s software allows for a high-quality shade report as well. If you need a solid piece of PV simulation to use at work, then this is an amazing option for you to check out.

The PV software features the ability to model an accurate solar blueprint quickly , with them being the only ones backed by the California Energy Commission at the time of this article.

This solar software offers line diagrams like Homer Pro, so if you are familiar with them, you will have an easy time switching to this solar PV software. They are one of the best options on the market right now for solar database news, so we hope you consider them as a useful tool.

Aurora Solar is a helpful resource for PV system designers to have. Their privacy policy is solid and the design tool is web based, so you can access it wherever you are. If you want a professional PV software to use for designing your solar system plans, then we highly recommend Aurora Solar as one of your top options for solar power planning.

If you want to use multiple energy resources on your project, this solar software includes the technology to handle it. As one of the managers on your solar projects, you will want to also check out the amazing analysis information Aurora Solar has to offer.  Plus, the technology can handle multiple fill zones. You will be the most informed solar company in your local market.


Solargraf is a solar web based design tool that can help you determine your potential energy savings when going through with customer proposals. It has a useful CAD interface that allows you to create designs for any building. This system is great for reviewing a detailed analysis and getting your solar permits as well.

This PV software application is used more by solar designers than other app in the United States. If you have a lot of solar energy projects to tackle, then you can trust this PV software to help. Users have mentioned that projects that take about 3 hours can be completed in as soon as 3 minutes with Solargraf.

Some of the key features include accurate shade analysis, finding permits, managing your solar projects easily, making sales, and finding clients. The cloud based software uses Google and Bing Maps to create a project site simulation in just a few short minutes. This is amazing for determining your performance ratio and keeping you up to date on important solar plant news.

Solargraf offers a real-time negotiation ability, so you can change your offered products to the client on the spot. This makes it easier for them to visualize your final plan and keeps them informed on how their energy systems are going to work. If you work in project management, you will find many features like that that are helpful to you in Solargraf’s software system.

Finally, this PV software will give you information on your productivity and payments from clients. This makes it an all in one solar modeling software, so you will not need anything else. You and your team of PV project managers could really benefit from having access to this advanced software and design tools.

This solar PV database and software is a little different than the others on this list. It is O M software than can be used for all aspects of the C I solar installation business, with solar PV systems being just a small part of that. If you want a solar log base that includes everything you need, from start to finish on a project, then Dvinci has the technology that you need.

The software gives you tons of important information on energy generation, shade analysis, and weather data. Dvinci stated that they want to offer great PV design to companies, so that people can have better access to clean energy and solar power. Overall, this is one of the best PV system softwares out there.

We are sure that you will appreciate a lot of the features their PV systems have to offer.  The app works in real time to connect you with your clients, allowing you to easily show them your solar PV sales proposals.  The solar software makes the design process easy for you, since it is made to be very user friendly. That way, you can spend more time looking over the solar power systems, instead of just working on the design.

The company want to help everyone in energy management, so their financial analysis is simple to read. If you want solar software that their standard makes it easy to use, then this would be a good PV syst option for you. Energy management can be much more efficient when you are backed by a strong PV solar system application. For those working in power generation design, you understand how important that it is to show your final decision making homeowners what they could be saving with solar energy designs in place. Solar power generation can be useful to almost anyone, saving people thousands on their power bill- this software will give you the tool to show that to your clients.

What Else to Consider?

When it comes to finding software that makes solar energy production designs simpler,  there are a few things you will want to consider. Some renewable energy softwares are better for certain users than others.

When finding the best PV system for you or your company, you will want to think about how that software will be integrated into your design process. Especially if you already have a third party PV system on hand- will it work with the solar software you are planning to purchase? If not, then you might be making the process of designing a PV system more complicated for yourself.

Finally, you will want to think about what you need from solar PV software.  They are a powerful solar energy tool that is an essential part of making plans. If you are one of the primary decision makes when it comes to photovoltaic PV, then choosing a tool from this list can be helpful to you. They are all grid connected options, if you want to boost solar energy options in your community.


Overall, we found that any system advisor model on this list would be very useful to someone working in the national renewable energy business. If you are one of the primary decision makers at a energy laboratory, we can help you lower PV design costs through one of these PV modules.

Your clients will also appreciate being able to see how much they are saving on energy resources and enjoy browsing through your hybrid optimization model. When it comes to a solar PV generator, we are sure that one of these solar PV software systems would be useful to you.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us. We are very informed on everything relating to solar energy and solar PV systems, plus, we would love to hear your thoughts on this list!