Best PV System Design Software for Your Solar Business

Designing a solar photovoltaic system requires accurately matching various components of the solar PV system to achieve optimal power generation. The resulting PV system needs to effectively capture as much of the solar irradiance as possible for that particular location. This is a complex task which requires expertise and experience to create the best configuration …

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Scanifly Software Review

Scanifly delivers a drones dependent survey and software solution for accuracy and speed in the design of the solar PV systems. Scanifly is a solution that few others offer solar system designers; the ability to conduct their own aerial survey and create a 3D model of the site. Scanifly eschews satellite imagery in favor of …

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Lyra Solar Software Reviews

LyraSolar is the yet to launch solar permitting software created by the same team that created SolarDesignTool. SolarDesignTool is a design software to simplify the documentation that is required for the permitting and compliance of PV systems with the National Electric Codes (NEC) rating, your utility provider and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). LyraSolar is a …

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Solar Nexus Review

Statistics show that attempts to building a complete suite of software to do the job for a particular business sector is fraught with risk. If an all encompassing software for your solar company is what you are looking for, Solar Nexus is the software platform that does the job. Solar Nexus’ solar companies focused suite …

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PV Sol Solar Software Review

PV Sol Review

PV Sol by Valentino Software is created for photovoltaic system performance assessment and to prepare technical and financial proposals for residential, commercial, on grid and off grid projects. There are a lot of reasons why PV Sol is a reliable software program. However, now, PV Sol is beginning to show its age and in comparison …

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Solargraf (1)

Solargraf Review

Solargraf is a design and sales software for residential and commercial solar requirements, providing an easy to use platform for solar installers and developers. Solargraf is part of a suite of products provided by Sofdesk, which also includes Roofgraf a product for roofing providers. Solargraf’s approach to design and creation of sales proposal depends on …

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Sighten Solar Review

Co-Founders Sighten, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2013 by Co Founder: Conlan O Leary, Co Founder: Graham Hommel and Co Founder: David Villagra to create an independent software platform for the residential solar market. Sighten provides solutions for solar installers, channel managers and financiers. As one of the few software companies that provides …

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Aurora Solar Reviews

Aurora Solar Review

Founded in 2012 by Sam & Chris, Aurora Solar based in San Francisco, delivers what they saw as a vital need for solar installers. Having to learn system design from their own experience installing solar system for a school in East Africa, they saw that the design and analysis of the solar system took longer …

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Helioscope Reviews

Helioscope Review

Helioscope is a web based solar design software that is designed to bring accuracy and reliability to solar estimation and energy simulation. Folsom Labs, founded by Paul Grana in 2012 and based in San Francisco, is intent on making solar photovoltaic estimation and simulation effortless yet accurate at the same time. No easy task, considering …

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PVsyst Reviews

PVsyst Review

In some parts of the solar energy industry PVsyst is the gold standard in solar design and modeling software and with good reason. PVsyst has a long track record and has proven to be a software that can be relied upon for the accurate estimation of the electricity that the solar installation will provide. Certainly …

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